7 Tips To Note When Cleaning Your Home

7 Tips To Note When Cleaning Your Home

A clean home is usually loved and admired by all but the different processes that go into it achieving it could be sometimes tasking. However, there are cleaning tips and hacks to help you effectively clean your house easier and faster. 

What are Different Cleaning Tips You Should Know? 


Make sure all your cleaning materials are available 

When you have all the materials you need to carry out your cleaning, you have a sense of direction on how to start the process. You should also have adequate detergents, disinfectants, air fresheners, bleach, and water to have a seamless cleaning process. You don’t want to run out of supplies right in the heat of the cleaning process. 



One of the first things to do when cleaning your house is to declutter. Put away books, clothes, toys or any other items that need to be placed in their right position. This makes it easier for you to assess the spaces that need to be cleaned. 


Dust before vacuuming/mopping

Before you tackle the floor surfaces, make sure the fans are turned off and well dusted. You should also dust chairs, shelves, and other surfaces including kitchen and bathroom surfaces. This will help minimize dust settling on the floor after you’ve vacuumed or mopped. 


Sweep before mopping

After you must have dusted other items and surfaces, ensure to sweep the house before mopping. Ensure you use disinfectants, air fresheners with good scents, and clean water when mopping at intervals. Start from the corners of the room and mop towards the direction of the door so you don’t step on areas you’ve already mopped. 


Carry out cleaning tasks throughout the house

You get more work done in a shorter time when you dust, sweep or mop the whole house at once instead of one room at a time. You can sweep the whole house before heading to mop, instead of sweeping and mopping one room before heading to the next. This would make you get tired quickly and reduce your efficiency level. 


Allow cleaning agents to settle on surfaces before scrubbing off. 

After you have applied your cleaning liquids such as bleach, and disinfectants to surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen, you should leave them for some minutes to have an effect before cleaning. This makes you scrub lesser and still achieve clean and sparkling surfaces. 


Ensure all your cleaning materials are in one place

Time spent looking for a brook or mop could be used in getting relevant cleaning tasks done. Make a mental note of keeping materials used in one place once you’re done cleaning. This would make it easier for you to locate them the next time you want to clean. 

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